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About Sara

Sara is an independent Australian artist with the goal of creating beautiful art that brings a sense of freedom, love and happiness into spaces. She mixes vibrant colours with soft tones and bold shapes with calm, flowing marks to express movement, reflection and joy.

“I love painting abstract floral designs as it brings back fond memories of my childhood. From a young age, countless rainy evenings were spent drawing these floral designs with my mum. She is an inspiration to me, a strong and vibrant creative, and as such, painting floral designs brings back nostalgic memories of my childhood”.

Sara is a self taught artist. She has been experimenting with different mediums and techniques from a young age, developing her craft over time. Her artworks are completely organic and multi layered to create interesting textures and forms, designed to inspire dialog and create a statement.

“When people see my art, I hope they feel the same sense of happiness and freedom I get when I am painting them. I hope it inspires dialog during a dinner party or a visit from a friend, and people can find different things within it that inspire them, create new thoughts or elicit new feelings”.

“It takes a long time to become young”

Pablo Picasso.

Sara Tara

Sara has been painting since she was 8yo when an Artist family friend introduced her to oil paints on canvas. She developed a fine arts directive growing up, where she painted an idealistic representation of objects, landscapes and human forms. Over time, she has evolved into an abstract, free flowing style of painting with multi layered textural exploration, breaking the traditional rules to express movement and emotion.


Sara is particularly inspired by flora and water. Her artworks often contain florals and light reflections. Living bayside she loves to reference the always-changing oceanic nature side.

“Often I will start a painting with a colour or form in mind, and then work my way from there. I never have a plan when I start a painting, as I want to be as expressive as possible and create something new each time I pick up the brush. No two paintings are the same. For me, art is not what you see but how you feel. My goal is to create something unique, beautiful, balanced and interesting for my collectors. Something that will add joy to a home or space.”

Springtime Painting 3